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DLM Forum oglašava dva zanimljiva i recentno značajna webinara:
"Metadata: The Dutch standard, its use and international comparison"Vincenta Hoolta (Nacionalni arhiv Nizozemske) koji će se održati 29. studenog 2022. godine od 14 do 15 sati te

"Handwritten Text Recognition at the National Archives of Estonia – our Experiences with Transkribus" Svena Lepe (Estonski nacionalni arhiv) koji će se održati 8. prosinca 2022. godine od 14 do 15 sati.

Registracija je otvorena za webinar Vincenta Hoolta na poveznici, a registracija za webinar Svena Lepe će uskoro biti otvorena.

U nastavku donosimo sažetke ovih webinara:

Webinar introduction by Vincent Hoolt:

For years, the Netherlands had two metadata schemes. One for local governments and one for the central government. They were similar, but with some key differences. Furthermore, the quality of the metadata captured varied immensely. Adding to these issues, both schemes were still very much based on a “paper” reality for electronic records, e.g. all records will be in file, files in series and so on. This is not the reality on the ground, where information comes in all forms and sizes and is organised in multiple ways.

So, the order for the National Archives was clear:Develop a new metadata scheme for transferring sustainable accessible information objects between systems. This must take the current issues into account and resolve them. Furthermore, it should include guidance on the actual transfer.

So that’s what we did. However, we didn’t stop there. We’ve also looked closely at fostering adoption and implementation of the standard.

In this webinar, we’ll describe how we’ve developed a standard that is fit for a new age (we hope) and how you can work on the adoption of the standard. Of course, we’re not forgetting international developments and their relation with our standard and guidance on SIP creation and more.

Webinar introduction by Sven Lepa:

AI-powered handwritten text recognition for historical documents has gained more traction over the last few years, with Transkribus being one of the central providers. The National Archives of Estonia started their first experiments with Transkribus in 2018. In October 2022, we made three diverse automatically transcribed collections public: Petitions to the Governor-General of the Estonian Governorate (1630–1707), Minutes of Tartu City Council (1902–1940), and Birth Registries of Russian-Orthodox congregations (1838–1926). The talk will give an overview of our experiences with HTR and Transkribus.

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