Zapisi u kontekstima – ontologija (RiC-O)

Ekspertna grupa za arhivski opis Međunarodnog arhivskog vijeća (ICA EGAD) objavila je izvorne datoteke ontologije Zapisa u kontekstima (RiC-O).
Izvorni tekst:
ICA Records in Contexts-Ontology (ICA RiC-O) source files are now available on GitHub, with some diagrams and examples, in the following public repository:
So anyone can now follow the development process, clone the repository, and more.
This is only a first step. ICA EGAD (Expert Group on Archival Description) will add more files to this repository (more RDF/RiC-O example files and diagrams, hopefully coming from some users; SPARQL queries examples, etc.).
The GitHub repository comes with a very simple information web site, that any person can easily access, and whose aim is to provide information on RiC-O - the kind of information that cannot be included in the internal documentation of an ontology (why use RiC-O, events and presentations, projects and tools, etc.)
The web site is there:
Of course the current public release of RiC-O is and will remain accessible there, through its IRI:
No need to use the Github repository for accessing it.
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