Nova (trans)disciplina

Centar za studij arhivistike Sveučilišta u Liverpoolu predlaže i formalnu artikulaciju nove znanstvene (trans)discipline u okviru curriculuma programa unutar studija arhivistike. Možda se želite uključiti u komentare i sugestije ...?


Computational Archival Science: Defining Skills and Knowledge for the New Transdiscipline

We need to capture and preserve personally, socially, legally and historically significant records, but today these records move across platforms, devices, media and formal and informal networks and infrastructures that many in the archives sector do not adequately understand. Much more needs to be done to equip practicing archivists with the knowledge of computer science necessary for managing and preserving digital records.

In 2016/17, the Liverpool University Centre for Archive Studies (LUCAS) collaborated on an application of the DigCurV Skills in Digital Curation Curriculum Framework, to assess it’s teaching of digital records curation. This exercise revealed a need for more granular statements of technical skills and knowledge, as well as the incorporation of computer science content into the archival curriculum.

Marciano, Lemieux, Hedges, Esteva, Underwood, Kurtz and Conrad have convincingly argued for a ‘formal articulation of a new transdiscipline, which they call computational archival science (CAS)’. (See: ) The concept of the CAS transdiscipline encapsulates the need identified by our curriculum review.

LUCAS is now conducting consultations with archivists, computer scientists and others to develop a statement of CAS skills and knowledge, with a view to developing a Certificate in Computational Archival Science.

We would welcome suggestions and comments on this initiative.

If you’re a practitioner, we’d be grateful to hear from you about your perception of limitations or gaps in your technical knowledge, particularly where this has posed a problem in your work. We’d be grateful to receive responses to Ova e-mail adresa je zaštićena od spambota. Potrebno je omogućiti JavaScript da je 31 July 2018.



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