Upitnik o razvoju EU strategije za otvorene povezane podatke

Dear Sir or Madame,

The Publications Office of the European Union is designing the five-year strategy and roadmap for linked open data.

As part of this work, we are conducting a survey of (potential) re-users of the Publications Office content (e.g. the web archive of EU institutions), in order to better understand your current and upcoming needs.

Therefore we would kindly ask you give us your opinion by filling in this survey. Your contribution is highly appreciated.  


For your information, the Publications Office is publishing the following content:

  • EU legislation, 
  • The EU legislative process,
  • EU case law, 
  • European public procurement (TED), 
  • CORDIS data describing EU-funded research projects, 
  • EU budget, 
  • The directory of EU institutions and civil servants (Whoiswho), 
  • Catalogue and contents of EU publications (EU Bookshop), 
  • Referentials and thesauri used in the datasets (EuroVoc and Metadata registry),
  • Web archive of EU institutions,
  • The datasets on the EU Open Data Portal.

Kind regards


eu protect

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